On which files to break the project methodology SMACSS?

Not so long ago could not understand how all the same to organize the structure of the project. Suggested about methodology. Got acquainted a little bit. Today I saw a video about the SMACSS methodology. Looked a little review, kind of like a pretty convenient and logical. The project is divided into 5 folders. Base, layout, modules, states, theme.
Base folder is like clear. As I understand it to store such files, such as reset, normalize, typography, etc. In a common base styles for the project. And as I understand it these files are only used selectors of tags.
But then I do not understand. Here is the layout in which files should be? As I understand it in the layout should be the files for example header, main, section, footer, as well as the grid file. And so, if I understand correctly, what to write them? Just break the entire site on large blocks. and to specify styling for these blocks? For example there is a block header. It write for example the following styles: Background, width, height, margins, and essentially all...
Get a file from multiple rows? and so with all the layout files?
Further, it is clear from the grid. Probably the most confusing for me. How and what to write in this file? Again, for each large block to describe the location of the modules inside? For example, a header of the flex container, arrange all column etc, well or floaty Yes the padding modules to specify is, or I that not correctly understood?
Well, with the modules I think I also understand there needs to be independent modules, i.e. menu, banner, gallery, forms, etc?
Here for each module to specify its styling, and as I understand it is not to set margins and positioning.
In the states I think that you need to describe styles for elements of the modules, for example on hover on a particular element to make the background red, etc
Well and everything is clear, they have yet not interested.

And there are still a few issues. Where to describe the styles for the buttons? Where to put files for example some sort of library, framework? And for example I use mesh jeet to a stylus, is obtained to describe the mesh with jeet in the grid file in the folder layout? For example and where to put the mixins and variables file?

Unclear to me quite a lot. Please who understands this, please answer the following questions. Really want to understand all this.
July 8th 19 at 11:29
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July 8th 19 at 11:31
I think to do so, it will be more convenient for yourself. The ideal course to break the layout into blocks, and create a separate layout. Base poidee can be prescribed immediately and the buttons and icons etc.
Mesh is mesh. Look at bootstrap or грид980, it will be clear

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