What % to give the Manager?

Let's say I hire a sales Manager who will I look for projects to develop. What % from Sumy to give him that and he was happy with me.
July 8th 19 at 11:29
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July 8th 19 at 11:31
I would give a percentage about amount.
Finds the project to 30t.R. give him 10%, finds the project to 500T.R. give him 20%.
Will have an incentive to seek you more expensive projects
and if you are constantly 40% and he is in the role of a mediator? (I do not speak with the client ) - Brody_Dickins commented on July 8th 19 at 11:34
it does not happen, sales are usually far from the PM - Juanita17 commented on July 8th 19 at 11:37
: Then it turns out you're his slave. He wants, so you and Volodina. And if you don't speak with the client, where you will learn about proportion 40%??? - carlie_Shields commented on July 8th 19 at 11:40
: and that is true - Brody_Dickins commented on July 8th 19 at 11:43
Not to talk with the client at all - can happen telephone. When I worked in a small firm and we sometimes had to communicate with the client, as the Manager was not always able to answer his questions (for technical part) or didn't really understand what the client wants - Mabel commented on July 8th 19 at 11:46
Whether it will lead to excessive winding of the price (for the sake of increasing profit percent) = the loss of interest? - Carli commented on July 8th 19 at 11:49
: No, it will not. the loss of interest - loss of money. And if you have not received the money and the Manager not getting them. Manager will drive up the price it's definitely, but not overly so, and within reasonable limits, otherwise it threatens the loss of the client and not receiving any money.
The Manager likely will need to pay a percentage of each payment obligation in this case. - Mabel commented on July 8th 19 at 11:52
: Logical. =) - Carli commented on July 8th 19 at 11:55
July 8th 19 at 11:33
Ideally, you should strive to take the place of the Manager,but this requires a team.
40% is like work for his uncle, or maybe even worse, if only two people.

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