How to restore iPad mini after blocking?

Good day gentlemen!

Gave me today a iPad mini A1455, after the child has used all the attempts to remember the password. The screen reads: "iPad disabled.", and please connect to iTunes. Watched a few VIDOS on this subject on youtube, installed a fresh version of iTunes, downloaded the IOS iPad2,7_9.3.1_13E238_Restore.ipsw, connect iPad, went into recovery mode, clicked Alt+Restore chose the firmware and got a message first that the firmware is not suitable, then that "This device is not qualified for the requested build".

The problem is that I live in Kamchatka and pay 400 rubles for 1Gb of Internet, so download the latest from Apple servers I expensive, but on the premises was this firmware and others but all the different firmware versions derive the same problems. And downloaded fresh from the servers of Apple I'm afraid, spend money, and suddenly the effect is the same.

Please give some advice how to solve this problem.
July 8th 19 at 11:36
1 answer
July 8th 19 at 11:38

THE EASY WAY: The easy way out of this situation is to use iTunes to reset the password, however this works when done from the same computer which was used for last sync.

THE HARD WAY: This invariably erases everything on the device and installs the latest version of iOS.

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