How to make a block arrow?

Evening in the hut! How best to implement these transitions have blocks? Page should be responsive, respectively, and angle the unit too. Thank you!6cade8d33a644fb99b6e84eb4da0dead.png
July 8th 19 at 11:37
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July 8th 19 at 11:39
You can try to make two absolutely positioned block, and apply the transform property (rotate on right angle) to the point of contact was the angle.
Well, or the easier option is to insert an image angle img
Area on SVG to make a paste. Well, or just picture) - Bennett96 commented on July 8th 19 at 11:42
: in General, simpler the angle carcinoma in png to insert? - Silas_Feeney23 commented on July 8th 19 at 11:45
Yes, and adaptability will be a 100% width to set - abigail_Lesch commented on July 8th 19 at 11:48
Yeah, Ivan said is correct. - Bennett96 commented on July 8th 19 at 11:51
July 8th 19 at 11:41
The usual triangles on CSS using pseudo-elements, why pictures?
July 8th 19 at 11:43
You will help geometric shapes, in this case a triangle
July 8th 19 at 11:45

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