How to show hidden news after payment in opencart?


Threw here a problem. In General, opencart need to implement something like paid subscriptions: paid product, shows section. For example, there are goods and there is a section, of type news articles which are hidden for normal visitors, only open after payment.

The task is to show the hidden news after payment.
What logic I see, can you suggest something simpler:
1. Check whether the registered user
2. If registered, check whether there is in its order, which is attached to this news section
3. If so, see the order status. If paid, then show news

With the first item no problem. You can check this:
one more

Here is the second paragraph problem. How to bind the section to the item below, after payment of this item, opened only this section? Just goods and sections will be a lot. Under I mean all the articles in the news section. I hope it is clear explained. Any help would be appreciated
July 8th 19 at 11:47
1 answer
July 8th 19 at 11:49
With this script do not know, but there is a suspicion that the DB script has a table with users. I would have finished the core so that in the handler for the open page was a query to a new field, for example, AccessList, where pre-chipped would be the ID of the pages that are available to the user. Naturally, the entry in this field should be implemented in the kernel process payment.
This is a very General formulation, but I think the principle of zapilivanie functionality became clear.

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