How to make a regular expression in Python?

Good evening!

Tell me how to make a regular degeneration. Need to get only the text without tags and just who locate inside br. Example:

bold">Description:<br>Your task is to connect the enterprise or office to the Internet using a minimum of means and maximum capabilities? This course is for You! Expand Your opportunities and knowledge network admin!<br><br>In this course You will gain knowledge and skills for safe and fault-tolerant solutions to most problems faced by a system administrator associated with connecting the enterprise to the Internet. Our highly qualified instructors will give You detailed information on configuring FTP servers, NFS, DNS, Proxy server and mail server.<br>
July 8th 19 at 12:02
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July 8th 19 at 12:04
The "right" regular expression for your case

m ='<br>(.*)<br>', text)
if m:

But there is one problem. br - unpaired tag, it does not have anything "inside". This is the first. Second: parse the page better specialized frameworks type BeatifulSoup, Grab lxml - there is also a function to clean result... probably. If not - you can use Bleach. Success.

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