How to develop a microcontroller in linux?

Hello. Interested in a number of questions on programming AVR microcontrollers in Linux (Debian). Please answer people who do this.

1. Are there analogues of Proteus for Linux? It is very desirable with support of MK AVR. But first and foremost, even if just to simulate simple circuits.

2. How well do you know with a homemade programmer, the type of crutches in the 5 wires to LPT port, and the Chinese USB dongles for $ 5, as well as normal programmers which support debugging using the jTag interface.

3. What kind of development environment I can recommend to write code in Acme and Signatures? Is there such a setting or a plugin to IDE like eclipse or VIM editor.
July 8th 19 at 12:04
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July 8th 19 at 12:06
1) qucs. Of the simulation processors in it, but an analogue of the figure he believes is worthy
2) avrdude. Works with all the stuff, even with a bare FT232.
3) qtcreator plugin bare-metal. Or native AVR-Studio under wine. Or even eclipse if you like this garbage like.
July 8th 19 at 12:08
1. Can't say
2. Avrdude — Yes. To work with AVR — the most it.
3. As the environment for C suggest device from JetBrains.
July 8th 19 at 12:10
For AVR everything is perfect and goes well. However for legacy controllers poslednii releases of avr-gcc prefer to take from the Arduino IDE - climb into the jar file and unpack it in your directory, where used. Although now I prefer to put the Arduino IDE and develop itself. Avrdude available, but added a graphical interface for it.

For debugging I use a virtual machine with proteosome and avr studio on Board.

Programmers can be used as a homemade and store bought. The only thing required to ask permission to use a specific usb to a specific user rules in /etc/udev/rules. As root even without rules it works.
July 8th 19 at 12:12
1. Proteus 7 under wine ω works well
2. Used cp2102 ft232, also good raboet
3. I use еclipse. It has a module "AVR Eclipse Plugin" (here)

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