Whether to store data on the server?


Write a bot for Telegram. Users of the bot are stored in an object with three fields, one of which is an array. I just keep all users in the array and on the need to connect via require(). Is it right? I just heard that it is customary to store or in JSON or in XML
July 8th 19 at 12:09
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July 8th 19 at 12:11
OK, it rules until you have only the use and storage involves ... let's say-volatile record type in the database or in the file that is the shorter of the durable media that allows you to restore information after a reboot. To store records in a file/dB and there are different types of serialization, such as json, serialize as xml rather refers to the version of the structure/to the meta description information, even though he can act as storage, but is neither the most convenient nor the fastest in processing, and quite redundant. In Your case(since you use JS) JSON is a normal form for serializing of objects being stored, but I would be looking in the direction dB, and the human storage.

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