Learning the layout or how to go with the flow?

Hi friends! Not so long ago (about two months) ago, I took up the study of HTML, namely, html+css, I partially understood your code, to correct something, somewhere to add something, so I was familiar with the code superficially, well, I decided to do a surface dive a little deeper. I started with HTMLAcademy, I taught there the document structure, forms,tables,selectors,the cascade,grid, in the end, I went through almost the entire part of free courses, and so I for myself don't understand just tools in my mind became more,but how to apply them? How to create a website with 0, but just a little only having had the idea how to use them. I bought the book "the Big book of CSS3" briefly mentioned: Take a sheet of paper, draw the structure of the website, headers, images, logo, menu, not paying attention to design, now only the structure and then styling, it's made me a little clarity, but I stalled. I think to sit and write in one hundred forms a day by adding images and backgrounds won't make sense in this way. Can anyone help with advice how to overcome this step and move on, are there any Russian papers,video tutorials, step-by-step practice, when and how to apply those or other tools? I would like to hear who and how it was given. I would be very grateful! Thank you!
July 8th 19 at 12:12
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July 8th 19 at 12:14
Well, not all of it was given and they went into the backend ))
thin ))) - Haley0 commented on July 8th 19 at 12:17
July 8th 19 at 12:16
To impose - very easy, and learning to "cheers"(I mean html & css)
Just put money in thy hand, and all will remember.
If you chose the front, then in parallel try to write scripts for jquery(a simple library), and then study the preprocessors (sass, less).
Now bootstrap very usable, but I never loved him, everything written on the net(but you can study it, for the front it's more than "+" would be)
How and what better to fill the hand? Is there any book ? - Haley0 commented on July 8th 19 at 12:19
: just more versti) - anastacio.Keebler commented on July 8th 19 at 12:22
July 8th 19 at 12:18
Keep going! Take a day for a simple layout, do it fully, then move on to more complicated projects and so gradually. Most importantly do not throw and move to your goal each day, you all must succeed!
1 layout a day for a beginner - very cool. Or do I have something wrong with the speed. - Haley0 commented on July 8th 19 at 12:21
July 8th 19 at 12:20
your question is not clear

two months is very small - it takes years of practice

and one layout is weak - need to know js

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