How to withdraw WMZ to the management without binding?

I have WMZ purse there is a small amount.
Need to cash it, but was faced with an idiotic mutual responsibility.
To exchange them for Privat24 exchange demanded a formal certificate - that is, had to light a name and fill in a passport scan. Then WebMoney demanded registration. It turned out that no one can send to me on the map, because this map needs to be mine(not my wife), in my name, and it is necessary to send again the scan card and your documents.
Well, idiocy is not a payment system.
Bank card I have not(and will not!).

Tell me how easy and profitable to withdraw the money on Privat24 (and forgotten like a bad dream this payment system)?
Maybe you know some stock traders who will take VMZ, and send the Privates, without problems with the alleged rules for exchange?

SIG wallet like 5 years, another 10. BL some even have. So it's not phony - and I refuse to change at all funny because of "no activity on vmidi". : /
ЗЫЖ2 mmgp on a bunch of those with the exchangers has tried, so far without result - all you need to have a certificate to bind to the whiskers of the desired shape and the name started with "B", and a whole bunch more, though they ask to send money first, so what do they care what I have for the purse, I do not understand.

АПДЕЙТ1: while came up to buy bitcoins WebMoney, and have them at the exchanger output in the Privates. If you are interested in how successful - I will unsubscribe in the end. At least those who will Google this question and come here will also reply.
July 8th 19 at 12:17
1 answer
July 8th 19 at 12:19
I'm just paying for Internet, so as to withdraw them does not work with Web Money.

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