Win10: color profiles, different picture in different places, how to do the same?

Epic color profiles.

Do photo editing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, recalibrated the monitor using Spyder4Elite and get all the picture in your browser and nitrome. In the standard image viewer windows image look the same as in nitrome. Image exported from lythrum in the color profile sRGB.

Image downloaded from the browser and again open the standard windows viewer again has the same colour as in lightroom.

Apply the calibration profile is icc v2. The funny thing is that the picture is different, even if the calibration is off.

It will be clearer for illustration (it should be clear that the bottom image (chrome and IE) is significantly more contrast than the original).

Question: how to do the same? In this example, the colors haven't changed as much, but there are pictures where the difference is huge. Anyway, I suffer, I suffer, grooved, and in the end still all different. And it is unclear in what colors you will see is other people.
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July 8th 19 at 15:54
Sewed virgillassie profile from the printer to the image icon in the desktop - works; IE - works Edge-works, no paint, browser Vivaldi - no, to view photos - there is, Obviously, guaranteed that all of it will look different.
It remains only to convert to sRGB profile as the standard medium in the hospital who have profiles are set up and running - he will see as planned, who does not have at least a strong discrepancy will not.
the picture in the top left corner, converted to sRGB profile, the image, the other with the profile from the printer
as you can see it worked, just keep in mind that those who are looking at not profiled monitor will still be not what you have.

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