As the turn to execute js-functions for all browsers?

There is a set of simple functions that are executed after some period of time (each using its own). The essence of these functions is to create a simple animation of two objects, movement, adding a css class animation and so on. All functions are in the html document, without connecting through the files. I noticed one, not clear itself, the feature in Chrome, IE, Firefox, functions are performed in a different order.

Some of the functions are written using the library Move.js
$(document).ready(function() {
move('.home-img-animate-1').set('opacity', .0).then().set('opacity', 1).duration('2s').pop().end();
move('.home-img-animate-steak').ease('in').y(-300).duration('1.5 s').end();
move('.home-img-animate-steak').set('opacity', .0).then().set('opacity', 1).duration('2s').pop().end();
move('.home-img-animate-knife').ease('in').x(-300).duration('1.5 s').end();
move('.home-img-animate-knife').set('opacity', .0).then().set('opacity', 1).duration('2s').pop().end();
move('.home-img-animate-2').set('opacity', .0).then().set('opacity', 1).duration('2s').pop().end();
move('.home-img-animate-3').set('opacity', .0).then().set('opacity', 1).duration('6s').pop().end();

Simply add or change classes:

func_remove_2 function() {
 $( ".home-img-animate-1, .home-img-animate-2" ).removeClass( "alarm" );

setTimeout(func_remove_2, 4500);

function func_2() {
 $( ".pechat" ).addClass( "expandOpen full-opacity" );
setTimeout(func_2, 4000);

And the like.

How to make consistent functions below in any of the browsers it worked the same way?
July 8th 19 at 15:59
1 answer
July 8th 19 at 16:01

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