To change key columns when importing from csv in a shop script 6 (7)?

Good afternoon.
CRM - Shop Script 7.
Names and articles in 1C and on the website are different for the same goods. But the same values have "Products:ID 1C". The export file of 1C looks like we have the following:

This is done only for the purpose of updating the existing remnants of the goods.
That is, 1сID is the only correct (meets and 1C and CRM) ID of the product.
Now, when using the backend doing the import from csv, the system requires the mandatory Declaration of the Name and SKU (or Code). In the drop down menu has no other options to determine the main columns.
Tell me what you can do in order to import goods at 1c-ID?
July 8th 19 at 16:10
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