How to create a file system on the disk except for a certain area?

Hello! There is a flash card in volume 8 gigabytes, it is partially faulty: about a few megabytes to 1.3 GB broken, if you try to record something it is "hung". Created the section starting with 1.4 GB, however, I would like to 0,1.2 and 1.4-8 GB was used for one section. Of course, you can create two partitions, but the USB flash drive need endochylema, and the Institute does not want to work with multiple partitions on the drive.
July 8th 19 at 16:15
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July 8th 19 at 16:17
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And on the subject matter, if not to take into account unknown to me the Institute, can be done in the following way. On the flash drive is created (not written) N TSAT files on the entire volume of the stick, the more the better. Then in those files there is an attempt to write data. If the record was a success and after it was considered that, too, and written down, so the file got to memory do not contain errors. So checked each of the marked files. In the end, good files are deleted and the broken chip into a folder and forget it forever. Thus all the broken region of the stick will be broken in the files and writing to them will never happen. Somewhere lay a utility computer program that did all of the above independently, if necessary I can look.
But as said already it is necessary to understand that there is a risk that what is left alive may soon also be dead, because decay of memory has already begun, but there is a 50\50, term paper on a flash drive I would store did not, and the movie drag will do. To such word manipulation is working very well and on regular hard drives. What several iterations of this process can restore the bad sectors and as a whole to bring the railway to life, so one disk was resurrected, which is almost the same as me, just for fun.

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