You can pick up the rights to the app stores?

There is a situation. Once upon a time the firm came representatives of the service for "automatic creation applications" and sold their services. The application has full branding, several thousand installations, it is posted on behalf of this service.
Now the company wants a new app, not a template for phonegap.
Service naturally does not want to just let the customer and the firm does not want to lose users who have already installed the application.
Does anyone have experience of solving such problems?
Block app - no question, this can be done because of the use of the logo. And how to select? To get a transfer to the account of the company the app and already independently to update it on new?

UPD. All about the contract and I asked about the experience with such situations. If the contract, it could be done, I would not have asked - there is written that the application property service and given a rent - and no options. And personally agree too expensive.
July 8th 19 at 16:22
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July 8th 19 at 16:24
Whoa-whoa, take it easy, guys! The lads from the nineties in Google Play reached?))))
You office proposed the terms you agreed with them by signing a contract. Surely the app at least worth 3 pennies (in comparison with the cost of custom native development), of course nobody wants to give it to you until you beat off the cost of its creation.
In short, legitimate options to make to give you application no. And if you put pressure on the illegal use of the trademark, then I would place the office referred the application from your account on your only here without any source and, most importantly, a signing key for Google Play. And without the key, the application turns into a pumpkin - refresh will not work. That is, existing users you can the new app will bring.
The civilized option # 1 - release update of the app, where it will be a large banner with a call to upgrade to the new version and link. If that allows the functionality of the sample application.
The civilized option # 2 is to spend a little on contextual advertising to target at users of old applications to advertise them with new. Here it is better to appeal to the mob. applications.
And "take away" - ready to be...
July 8th 19 at 16:26
Lift up the contract and look at it.

Most likely they have it correctly set, and then you have no chance even to sue them.
But just away - can not be sure.

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