Somehow I can not upload files with specified customData?

Prompt can someone faced. When you initialize the plugin, customData indicate in addition to the way to limit the user only to his folder.

var elf = $('#elfinder').elfinder({
 lang: 'EN',
 resizable: false,
 useBrowserHistory: false,
 url : '/js/plugins/elFinder/php/connector.php',
 customData : {folderId : '2016'},
 onlyMimes: ["image"]

In fact, the connector adds to the path variable obtained:
'roots' => array(
 'driver' => 'LocalFileSystem', 
 'path' => '/mypatch/'.$_GET['folderId'],
 'URL' => '../mypatch/'.$_GET['folderId'],
 'uploadDeny' => array('all'), 
 'uploadAllow' => array('image', 'text/plain'),
 'uploadOrder' => array('deny', 'allow'),
 'accessControl' => 'access' 

When passing the parameter through the"customData" and UPLOAD files, they vseravno cruzada in the default directory: "/mypatch/".
If hard-coded in the connector to set the path "/mypatch/2016", you're fine. And the script parameter does not.
Although these connectors receives, because during the initialization of the plugin it restricts it in that directory, but the problem is with the download.
July 8th 19 at 16:28

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