How to remove "unknown monitor" in Windows 8.1?

My curves handle managed to go to press, namely:

Thanks to some random shenanigans I created a junk monitor, entitled "mobile PC Display" That is now greatly hinders me in my work.

The properties screen does not show, and call it simply "unknown monitor".
I created it in the consequence of trying to connect HDMI built-in video card (alas, a normal video card still no)

I climbed in the window, "" screen resolution, pressed the button "find", selected in the "another display not detected" and next to "multiple displays" I selected "Try in any case connects to: mobile PC Display"
And so it happened that now the system tries to find a second screen, which is physically present. In device Manager it is not present in the properties so as to not be deleted.
There are some thoughts about regedit but I am afraid to climb, and did not know find you.

Who can faced, help please horror as a hindrance.)

Here's a screenshot of the second screen: 1c76d52d974d4ddba0ef5340d927de5a.pngSolved!
You want to choose on your main screen in the option "multiple displays" choose "show desktop only on (your monitor)"

And then in the wrong monitor, choose the option "delete this monitor"

Thanks for the help.
July 8th 19 at 16:36
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July 8th 19 at 16:38
Choose to display only on one monitor =)
The complete solution above.

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