How to make a white wrapper (background) around the main content and banner. Bootstrap?

How to create a white wrapper (background) around the main content and banner? A task given to bootstrap3.
The problem is that inside the grid, with 10 columns or you can create a container and the wrapper separately. The mesh was already when opening the psd. I am a newbie. Do I need to create its own individual grid?
July 8th 19 at 16:38
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July 8th 19 at 16:40
First learn the layout without bootstrap
July 8th 19 at 16:42
I agree with the statement parent.
Now on to the real errors.
First in bootstrap this indentation is standardized and is 15 pixels you obviously more.
Therefore you will need to do more in consequence of which, the entire mesh will float a little, not so critical but for good would you design to change by 15 pixels, then you will be enough to give the class row - see svoystva class. accordingly, just not sweet it would be to tell the slider or not and what you want to do.
So you have in principle is not properly lined layout, it is generally not under the bootstrap, see how it looks the grid for bootstrap.

At least you have not taken into account the col-*-* the row class without it. You'll have to change the layout or external layout or constantly deciduate for all classes.

Give for the beginning designer to be recycled, let it redo the layout for the grid bootstrap, otherwise bootstrap standard there will be nothing left.
standard 1200 px 12 columns, indents 15, do not invent the wheel in a vacuum.
Also do not forget that between the columns as there is a gradient between 0 15 and 30 px.
Oh and the fact that the design will not fit in these parameters, that's it you're going to throw their own unique classes.
Do not invent a Bicycle out of nowhere.

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