As for the mind to expand the project?

Have the following configuration:
1. In the folder /mysite on the local computer;
2. In the folder - on the server (VPS)
3. In the next folder "battle" website

On the project merges from a turnip.
Deployment on yet - about this issue.
How best to do — just copying the folder or using turnips (does it make sense to use another turnip )? works with "combat" database, it gives you the opportunity to actually test the changes made on the locale and flushed through the turnips on a test site.

But here is the problem: for example, the images uploaded via the test server, loaded it in the same folder (relative paths), respectively. "battle" they are not shown. It says that a folder of images need to copy handles. Or the entire test site to drain additional turnip, and turnip from deploy folder "fighting", has already collected the website? What you should do, advise you, my friends?

I understand that the overlap of two interests: the first work on the code/design of the website and updating it, the second is the ability to use new functionality test of the site to download materials to the server, and then updating the code/design (i.e. for the end-user is immediately shown new features and content). And it looks like the ears are sticking out at the intersection of these interests. How to correct the situation?
July 8th 19 at 16:43
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July 8th 19 at 16:45
If you want to keep test and prod combat data:
1. Folders with downloadable content replaced by symlinks into a shared repository. Then they will be available everywhere.
2. "combat" version of the lay of the Gita of course. Write a small script which does everything - it updates the sources, dependencies(composer/pip what you have there) and rolls of migration. Well, or use any software for deployment.
3. On a test version, it will be convenient to make bytovikam changes with each commit. Use WebGUI for this.
2. It turns out another turnip for combat calculations. Total: first test implementation second - production. So? For deployment what do you recommend? Rocketeer cope?
3. Do not understand what "bytovikam", but understood the idea is to make autodeploy to the test with locale using turnips, configuring WebGUI it? - Emily.Boyer commented on July 8th 19 at 16:48
: 1 missed: a shared repository is already there, the file paths are absolute, all seems as it should. But there is a local folder with resources (one admin on two sites) for each site separately, and therefore are loaded in this case with relative paths. With symlinkname big deal, but because it is not clear how they will behave in the turnips and locale. - Emily.Boyer commented on July 8th 19 at 16:51
1. Read about symlinks. How would you have there cunning was not with the files you will help you.
2. No turnips alone. Even the branch alone. Just to test the code automatically and there you poured it check on DB military. It's a sort of beta version of your website. When you decide everything is run on the main - manually run and deploy to prod.
3. Sealed - avtovega meant. And Yes, for the web hooks.
The development cycle will work out like this: Write code on locale -> the Commits in code rap -> just check it out on the test -> whatever comes down so locale -> Repeat last 3 steps to readiness -> deploy to prod.

Still as a variant - to hold on the test the current branch which is the development. When you are ready to merit it in the wizard and depsoit on prod. This is useful if parallel to develop different features in different branches. - lennie.Beatty commented on July 8th 19 at 16:54
July 8th 19 at 16:47
Continuous Integration, Jenkins in particular.

What do the pens need to execute scripts.

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