What's Dell laptop to choose?

Good day to all. Was the question of choosing a laptop. Opportunity to buy over 700$ there, so you need to choose a decent. Of course I want everything at once, but there is specific criteria:

1. Himself long enough to use ASUS often break (especially video card), some minor bugs and glitches killed, the model will not tell, but I remember that took about 550$ 3 years ago. More ASUS don't really want to, you want to choose something from DELL.

2. Learn to be a programmer, it's a constant work in Visual Studio and Rad Studio, compiling projects etc. On this count for the CPU the i3/i5 is not less than 2 Hz. More preferably, if any.

3. Honestly, in my spare time I like in something to play, often mounted video trips, there is a question with a discrete graphics card approximately 2GB.

4. As already said, are often one-super battery is not needed, but that would have kept 4 hours at least.

Of course, I understand that such a little and all at once not girth. I only found one, but there I am confused by CPU frequency is only 2 Hz, besides the i3, frankly, weak. The capacity of the hard disk as the type, is not significant. But the price is a great value, I want to fit into the 450$ +/-100$ (a larger budget is not feasible, and need to buy this month). Maybe someone had a good experience or just can tell, I would be very happy. For earlier thank you and good to you.
July 8th 19 at 16:46
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July 8th 19 at 16:48
To$ 700 I can advise the following:
DELL INSPIRON 5758(if the price you're lucky)
However they all have low voltage processors, but it should be enough.
July 8th 19 at 16:50
for $ 500 hardly can be anything to buy. I suggest not to flog garachka and collect money to buy good cars. Because you're 99% regret the purchase because of the weak graphics card + CPU with the index "U" that is, the CPU ultrabusy that will affect everyone. And when you want to sell it even for half no need to fuck off. If so it is better to look for used models if you can find something with at least undiminished by the processor. + count on from the purchase of SSD as
it will be just the coffin
July 8th 19 at 16:52
Only if avito is heavily used in the state, and then only under the top edge of the price range.
And you want a new for the money.
July 8th 19 at 16:54
Took the dell vostro 5480 - happy as an elephant.
i5-5200u is enough for almost everything
nvidia 830m 2gb - weak, but still discrete, powerful 5500 hd, to play in something enough.
There is a port m2 inside (judging by the reviews 5470 exactly, your not dismantled, and may be removed in 5480), it is possible halfsize ssd in addition to insert.The fingerprint scanner and a subwoofer as a nice bonus. The battery holds the whole day without problems. Weight and thickness + aluminum inserts for the price - generally excellent (easier this Dell 13' MacBook).
Of the minuses:
Screen. From matte, but not very bright and low resolution, but I quickly got used to. The sun can work, but not as comfortable as I would like.
Single slot for RAM, so 8GB is the limit.

For the money that would be, especially in terms of mobility.

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