YouTube Mass Upload (Bulk upload videos on the YouTube channel) which program will fit?

Hi all. Was looking for this program for the Gulf of bulk videos in YouTube. Found only paid software on achate, and the old without any support and the author sold it.
Also found free software from DvdVideoSoft. The program is called FreeYouTubeUploader. Yes, the program is free. But the speed is too small, not enough features. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the program adds the name of the format (e.g. video.mp4) plus loads of the rollers in a chaotic manner, sometimes knocking without the ability to upload (you have to remove and re-finding the video)
In General, if you tell me how to establish this program then I will be grateful. And if we tell free counterparts, if there even is any, so you do a good service to YOU!
July 8th 19 at 16:47

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