How to make quality monitoring of the connection with the coordinates on Android?

The point is about is the following: we need a small Android app that once a second pings specified in the settings of the host, recording the current GPS position and a few parameters from a web page the modem status (on the page just bare text with no extra stuff).

In principle, it is possible and not an app and some sort of script. But I have some theoretical problems with how to write it. I have, in principle, no problem in the part of the how to ask page how to ping the host and how it can be saved to a file with sh, but here in this design to obtain the GPS coordinates are not absolutely clear.

The question is asked because you are going to write a small application (or script), but I do not want to do velosipedista. In addition I am more than confident that operators like this or very close in terms of functionality the software has.
July 8th 19 at 17:10

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