Yii advanced app. How to implement the module structure?

Hello. There is a problem with understanding how to use the modules in the application like yii-advanced.

In the project three applications:
1. backend interface for administrators (the backend.site.loc);
2. frontend - the client part (site.loc).
3. console background processes

It is necessary to develop two modules, for example, a directory of films and film reviews. Two separate modules but which are very closely related, for example the ratio in dB. How to structure a model that we could these modules be used in backend and frontend?

Now the main idea is the following:

-the frontend\modules\films
-- controllers
-- models
-- views

-- controllers
-- models
-- views

and common put common models


What are some practices for this type of application on yii? The application is very big and store all the controllers in one directory is not very convenient, and the models so it's all hell, but also to ensure self-sufficiency of a module is also difficult because all the modules are very closely related + should be available in different applications (e.g. console or api).
July 9th 19 at 10:04
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