How to put mac OS Hackintosh, if the AMD?

In General, you really want to use mac OS, but there is no money on original apple equipment, so I decided to try to put a Hackintosh. Pumped 100,500 assemblies, different versions of the OS. Tried to put, it gave some error when installing on hard. Googled, tried to fix the rules, but jumped more errors, then popped one mistake, and as I understand it related to the graphics card. In Google anything similar did not find, neither in Russian nor in English.language sites, simply no such sochitanie words. Well, I think, all kapets, it's not going to deliver. Then one Assembly to my surprise established, I think well finally. But then hardy did not want to run, error error, googling failed.
And all because of that I think to blame the video card, as amasra.
Tried to put on the laptop, there and percent and video from Intel. But also to no avail.

Help pojaluista which Assembly to deliver, and is it possible to install Mac with a video from AMD?

here is the config of a computer:
CPU: i5 2300
video: AMD Radeon r9 380X
Mat.fee XS, like some sort of Intel.

config of laptop:
Intel i3-2350M 2300МГц / nVidia GeForce GT 520M
July 9th 19 at 10:08
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July 9th 19 at 10:10
1. Builds os x does not exist. (is-patched Linux kernel for amd(percent))
2. The video can work or not, this has nothing to do with the manufacturer only with the support of apple.
3. there are specialized resources, c they would begin, they exist to find them is not difficult, no idea what you were looking for that found nothing.
4. Without reading the relevant resources, there is nothing even to try.
5. Your problems began the moment you decided what to put os x on a pc is the same as to put a win or *nix. Why did you not stop the fact that os x is not designed for installation on the pc is not entirely clear.
-----In General:
Read relevant resources:
It will tell what: fakesmc and why is it necessary, clover(how to install and configure), dsdt(as dump how to rule and how to replace the original), also know why does not work usb 2\3 ports and how to get them to work and a lot of other useful information.
July 9th 19 at 10:12
"Mat.fee XS, like some sort of Intel." - pleased.
50%, you may have to install.
I have troubles with the video card was. The error was always related to the graphics card. One will ask, all say that will not run on 380той.
And Mat.Board Intel DP67DE.
I 45738947593 tried it once. Different assemblies downloaded. Googled the error, but got on error that the type of video card blah blah blah..
In General XS how to put a Hackintosh - Howell commented on July 9th 19 at 10:15

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