How to install the preprocessor less in editor Brackets?

Good afternoon, colleagues! Doing web development. Use the editor Brackets - love it and to refuse it do not want. Decided to develop using the less preprocessor. To work with the less able (courses less HTMLAcademy), but I can't find a sequence setting it on the brackets. Know what you want nogowski server, but it is in Brackets is built in.
I'm interested in:
* What extension is best to choose less
* How to install it(not just in the extension Manager, chose and installed, and the complete sequence of actions with all sorts of settings, add-ons and other nuances that affect the level of happiness)?
* How to connect it to the project(which files should be in the architecture of the project, where to get them)
* How do you compile the css/less files.

All helped by great respect and transcendent level of respect!
Thank you!
July 9th 19 at 10:10
1 answer
July 9th 19 at 10:12
don't know what there like there brakes (I have Sublime)
when I worked with less, put only code highlighting, Emmett and manually compiled here (like an idiot constantly code here and there dragged)

Now, when raised a little bit of their qualification (without courses, so any information is free of charge on the Internet: bourgeois VIDOS for anything - thousands), work with the preprocessor stylus and compile using assembler gulp - it automatically does everything, I even do not have to: file save, and the collector itself has all the routine does. With less it should work too, so that just have to deal with collectors (several of them, you have to choose just interesting)

Advise less not to stay long, as his opportunities are scarce for large projects
I advise you to use sprites spritesmith (in combination with the collector) - throw images into folders and it automatically collects them into a sprite (even in reinowski that completely minimized the task before retina displays), creates, for each picture styles, and you need only to substitute in the desired location variable

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