How to use push and service OpenShift?

Have a problem with submitting changes via git.
OpenShift is organized thus: If we send changes to the server, updated the Assembly for deployment and immediately unfolds. If in the future I will create articles, adding pictures to them they try to say to the media folder on the server in a deployed application. Next, I on the local repo, make changes and perform push, as there is not any local media, the Assembly for deployment and deployed updated erasing my dynamic content.
Tried to do a pull, but it compares with the build for deployment, not with what I have already deployed.

That is to add images through the admin panel in production, it turns out I need to do the same thing on a local repo, this is not right. Tried to add a folder to gitignore, but again it will update the Assembly to deploy in the media, and deploys, the sama satirev in production of dynamic content.

It's hard for me to explain, I think anyone who has worked with it will understand what's going on and knows the answer.
Please help.
Thank you!
July 9th 19 at 10:13

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