How to copy a site if its source code is littered and created in the online designer?


There is a task to copy one of the sites, then to translate it into Russian language and slightly modify the built-in your custom code. Part of pages are then generated dynamically (catalog, menu, etc)
The website that you want to copy, at first glance looks simple, and at first it seems that his copying will not be easy. Copying sites, I've had it. In General, the task boils down to using their software engine to generate the same HTML code that source. And then to correct CSS styles and to make their extra inserts.

The problem that I encountered when copying a website, website source created in one of the online designers. Probably it was created so when the user online, by using drag and drop throw the blocks with your mouse and then got ready code.

The result is the HTML source code is totally unreadable for a human design.
For example, only one of the tags describes dozens of classes.

Additionally, the HTML code of one page refers to a third-party dozen styles and a dozen third-party scripts, part of which is clearly not in use and connected to the online designer, just in case. For example, to connect styles and scripts is to look at the photo below to watch the video to happen to music and so forth. Although there is no music on the website and there is no trace. And the styles and scripts are connected partially normal ad, and partly some scripts that load other third-party CSS and JS files. Plus most of the code is displayed in projeciton form (modeled with no spaces or hyphens). And as antimonous, part layout change scripts. Ie, for example depending on the width of the browser window vertical menu becomes horizontal. But it is not implemented in CSS, and JS scripts online to change the code, appending the whole HTML blocks or removing them. I.e., the study of layout is difficult.

It turns out that the site code on one side open but on the other hand there is so much trash that in order to understand even one element which CSS class is responsible for what, requires a lot of time. CSS styles override each other, a long chain of overrides, with often meaningless class names and so forth. To separate the useful part of the code from garbage don't know how.

Tell me, are there any tools to ease the task of copying the site littered with the initial HTML/CSS code? To begin with, copy the layout and CSS somehow. And then you will need to understand, is it possible to copy scripts.
July 9th 19 at 10:15
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July 9th 19 at 10:17
Only handles, only hardcore :D He somehow pulls layout, quite real.
July 9th 19 at 10:19
By working directly with the "ugly" code, I would recommend Sublime Text 3 and some Plugins to it:
1. CSS Comb for grooming or CSS code Online
2. HTML-CSS-JS Pretify for brushing everything else
After that, run the search\replace for the entire project prefixes (which create builders)

And in General - it is heresy! To impose the sites in the online designers.
Thanks for the advice.
For grooming code I used phpstorm. He also like sublime can comb any codes. But in this case it helps a little.
That impose a website online designers heresy - I agree. But it was by someone, probably unfamiliar with the programming/layout, in a foreign company. The author is not a Desk task is to make a sharp, scalable website with readable code, and even that is easy to copy. Most likely the task was to do some minimal effort, because absolutely no website is now impossible.

In General, while it turns out that there is only a hardcore option littered with disassembling code. Either option, when do all the same from scratch. I.e. the task becomes more complicated. Instead of a task, when there is a finished design and a finished layout, it turns out the problem when there is a ready design, but layout have to do yourself. - Scottie commented on July 9th 19 at 10:22
July 9th 19 at 10:21
to powerstate you can, but it will be long. And why rewrite something from online designer, not simply in the same constructor to make a full copy of the site and translate it? It should be much faster
I need to get the same website, but the content inserted my software engine. Then I will have to upload to your hosting and when you need to tune and modify.
Online designer - paid, hosting foreign (slow), to modify plainly impossible, if the constructor is not provided and so forth. - Scottie commented on July 9th 19 at 10:24
then it's understandable. In this case try to use the software described by other users, because I have no real experience of such work) - Scottie commented on July 9th 19 at 10:27
July 9th 19 at 10:23
I think it will be easier to repaginate in such a manner. If the sample pages a bit. And the layout is difficult to call. Need html to place, to give an adequate class's, but styles can be copied manually to each element. I did when I faced a bit similar situation. One page of medium complexity takes 30-60 minutes.
Thanks for the comment. About and doing. - Scottie commented on July 9th 19 at 10:26

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