Repair or replace the headset?

Good afternoon.
There are about 100 headsets Jabra 1900, with a broken frame. Ie or a broken shackle on which a speaker or ear where the microphone. Itself electronic and audio components are working properly.
According to the description, this headset is a noise cancelling microphone.
Throw-the toad strangles.
Now I think what to do. Derived from built-in headset sound card a couple of miniature phone, and plug in a cheap headset, hoping that audicare will work better than the built-in motherboard, or as kolhozah new bow, trying to make Frankenstein.
Tell me, what are the pros and cons of different approach.
What is a noise cancelling microphone? A quick Google search showed nothing.
As noise reduction is implemented at the level of the capsule of the microphone or sound card (will it work, if you bring menegaki and to connect a headset for $ 100)?
How labor-intensive to throw the microphone from Jabra 100 ruble headset if need be.

UPD. With a threshold understood. If you put 100 Rublevo headset, you can forget about it. Passive threshold works only microphone. Noise reduction due to the different speed of the flow fluctuations in the direction of the microphone to the user and opposite from the side of the microphone.
July 9th 19 at 10:19
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July 9th 19 at 10:21

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