How to create an analogue

Hi all.
The concept of my project was very similar to the concept of twitch, though I knew about it already in the process of idea development.
Tell me, how difficult and costly is it to implement? It is planned that it will be written a special application for broadcasting.
And this question: if a translation involves two (three, four) person, suppose from different parts of the world, how big is the latency between them? Is it possible to achieve complete synchronization and to compensate for the delay?
July 9th 19 at 10:20
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July 9th 19 at 10:22
No harm in dreaming.
Simple math. To give a flow at 3 Mbps with a maximum density on a node, you have the right number of users and 300 servers + local overhead on the CDN and the distribution nodes, which are actually stream come. And it's not a VPS/VDS, and full servers, respectively, and the rental price is just good rather big.
Thread synchronization is - bad lesson. If that footage can be sent in an indirect manner with a latency of 200+ MS, excluding the time of delivery to the server, so will have to make a buffer of 5 seconds, which will have to decode+from a number+encode with no guarantee that it will work as it should, then there's a server resources will be neschadno.

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