The problem with the submission and forms in Access, how to solve?

Good day! Create a database in MS Access: there are a number of problems. It is impossible to create a subform "General" + "hardware Type" + "checking Out". If I understand correctly, this is for the reason that there are ties 1-1, not 1-many. Begs the question: how can I change the table to obtain the necessary shape and form submission?
You need to one type of equipment from table "Type of equipment" had a lot of rows from the table, "General", but the option is one-to-many not available for selection. Similarly with table relationships "Departure" and "General".
A similar connection must also have "Shared" with the "Depot", but not out.
The essence of the table: the company database, coordinating between maintenance and depot. Each depot is a piece of equipment (two depot can be two identical) and each depot is a specific RMC. I.e. one of the depot can be only in one RMC. Also, for every depot is fixed your repairman, which can go to other depot, but this depot leaves only him.
July 9th 19 at 10:20
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July 9th 19 at 10:22
Of course, it is not available, because in both cases the primary key. Why in the table of General - such a complicated composite primary key? Why is it the same type of equipment already there - but also a reference to the table type of equipment?
At least it's odd. You have a table "total" field Code should not be the primary key. The field "equipment type" is for Allah, it is not necessary, because it will be a link.

In the table "equipment type" - field type equipment also should not be the primary key. But Code is the primary key unique. And here is his take and toss myshoy on the table "General" - then you have just created type one-to-many.
The scheme of data... Leaves much to be desired, of course, the best. Why the "exit" - Codreanca - not a primary key, and the repairman, i.e. a text field with name name, primary? Should be exactly the opposite.
Why in the depot code depot is not a primary key and the primary key is made Nazvaniia and Cork? And so on.

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