Flag immediate replacement or rabbitmq?

I need to send messages with full delivery confirmation the message was sent in the right place and were taken for execution.
The fact that the task to be executed later, even 5-10 seconds is irrelevant.
Accordingly, I need to use two flags mandatory and immediate.
It turned out that the immediate flag is not supported in rabbitmq 3.0. Instead, the developers propose to use TTL=0 for the queue.
With the caveat that the wait for confirmation that the message was thrown on the floor, should not be.
This behavior does nothing for me.

Is there any way to monitor not taken in processing the message? Share your experience how have you solved similar tasks.
In General rabbitmq covers the full range of tasks required of me, but while the choice of instrument is ready to replace analogs with the same functionality.
July 9th 19 at 10:22
1 answer
July 9th 19 at 10:24
In any case, I'll try more to describe the problem.
I have clients that go to the handle API. API, in turn, sends a message to rabbitmq. Rabbit - workera. In the future there will be a heartbeat in a database that will store the status of running tasks workere.

The client I have to answer immediately that something went wrong. Accordingly, he processed the error, could repeat a query is a requirement. The number of workarou I can increase up to a certain limit so as not to stretch the piece of metal. Positioning sarkerov on other servers, too, can not - and also that requirement (performance tied to the specific server).

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