FancyBox 1.3.4 — how to fix jumping images horizontally?

Good day! Is there a Joomla 3 + VirtueMart 3.0.6 to Virtuemart in the delivery of FancyBox is 1.3.4. The problem is that the detailed view of the product when you click to enlarge the image, the enlarged image is often twitch in a horizontal direction, from right to left or left to right before to take their place.

Googled but not satisfied that the tips are for Fancybox2 (for example, using a helper to set the option locked). To update the plugin (which is still where a lot is used in the store) as you do not want, I in the VM are a complete novice and afraid to break something :(

Here is an example of how the picture is broken:

Most often the effect of the right picture in the row of pictures under the main observed, if on it to click and see the enlarged picture. Also, if a bug climbs in a larger view arrows left-right to scroll through pictures.

1. What can I do? Can styles something correct? (Though namugenyi tip off #fancybox-content { overflow:hidden } did not help me).

2. Tell me any debugger to see the page load in real time, as the blocks on it are formed and "ustakanivayutsya", takes its place. That at any moment it was possible to make a STOP and see what HTML/CSS code and where to boot. I think it would be very helpful to find the root of the problem.

PS. Thank you in advance.
July 9th 19 at 10:23

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