Is it possible to add a file from the File API (or FormData) in a conventional, already existing form?

There is a normal html form, there are loaded a photo. With one photo it is clear - added type=file, processed, displayed the preview images. But if multiple - can be done using ajax (Yes, it's convenient - you can rotate the image, something else, but it's not necessary), but I need to somehow track that a person not quit the form and delete the pictures. So I would like if you selected multiple files, display preview, and in the form - just add the input to pass data to the server as a normal form. Essence - can't find how to add data to an existing form. Know that you cannot set type=file but the user chose them. It is necessary as-that them to transfer. You can of course but then people will add one picture, then decide to add two more - one is ever lost.
July 9th 19 at 10:25

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