Which computer is better to buy a novice designer of mobile interfaces?

A colleague decided to change the workplace.
Wants to update equipment, namely the computer.
Working in the field of design, recently delved into the development of mobile interfaces.
The main tool products from Adobe.
Worked mostly on Windows.
What advise to buy a new computer - mac pro or PC.
When you consider that in the beginning after you change computer, you will have to work anyway on pirated software, namely, graphics packages (the same package Adobe= Ph+Is+In+etc..., Sketch,...).
Of course the price of mac pro in average it is two times more than a similar option on a PC.
Well, the pros to iOS probably only in the Sketch, the rest is all there.
But it can take a big comp rules and put the dev and there iOS and the same Sketch.
On the other hand, Adobe is preparing to release also a UX-tool.
Maybe Sketch will ever be under Windows....
Who that can advise? Is it important Sketch in practice? Well, in General the choice of platform, a designer's MAC or PC, or Mac is just a tribute to the traditions of the West? It even allows the MAC to connect two or three monitors? The designer may need...
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July 9th 19 at 10:34
Lucky man your an aspiring designer, if as an option for him review Mak Pro.

And at the same time strange companies that can afford the Mac Pro, but not buy a license software

Sketch, by the way, costs only 99$ and replace the whole set Adobe that you mentioned. Really replace.
This is not a fashionable trend, and informed choice.
Adobe of course will continue to be under ground, but a huge reservoir of professionals moved with their products on a new and highly specialized (Sketch for the front end solutions affinity for drawing, framer for prototyping [and all it's products for the Mac]).

I'm not Yablokova, cozy feel and on Windows (where, for example, it is much easier to work with folders and files), but Mac for work much nicer, more stable and more reliable.
It has export to PSD? - earline_Rutherfo commented on July 9th 19 at 10:37
July 9th 19 at 10:36
Mack, of course, allows you to connect multiple monitors. He's a wonderful, beautiful, and fluffy. He used. But MacOS requires a paradigm shift, and unused to the efficiency falls. Someone she recovers and then grows, someone - no. Personally, I just didn't like the experience, but it is strictly individual.

Given that the Makos can be run almost anywhere, I recommend you first try it by itself. Even buy their desktop iron special meaning can not see, unless for aesthetic reasons - for the same money you can collect a piece of metal much cooler and run it on any axis. Among the notes there is a sense to take Apple hardware, it has good quality and comparable with similar products of the same quality the price.
July 9th 19 at 10:38
Generally on a Mac you can put Windows. I did earlier, that the Windows and the Makos worked together at the same time. But all this lag terribly. And the efficiency was low because of the hand sharpened by Windu. In the end, returned to her native )
July 9th 19 at 10:40
Mac, of course the best option. But if money is not to lose, that is to pay attention to vidyahu and operatives. The better/more memory/higher the frequency, the better. Percent choose not exactly single core

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