What remote development environment to use?

Advise some kind of IDE for developing on the side of the VPS.
At the moment, use Koding, but it does not support third-party snippets, but the default set is scarce.
July 9th 19 at 10:35
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July 9th 19 at 10:37
vim+plugins for your task
mosh instead of ssh
July 9th 19 at 10:39
"On the side of the VPS" was a bad approach.
You will either download the whole project from the server , or the main part of your IDE will not work.
The first method will not work if the number of people in the project is greater than one, and the other flawed.
The normal way is git, and the path each member of the team.

You didn't specify language, so I will answer that leaders are languages for web development are the products of JetBrains.
July 9th 19 at 10:41
To correct configs suitable nano or vim.
In General, download the entire project to your local computer and work with the code, as do all.

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