As soedineniya with a socket through a proxy?

Use SocksiPy, you need to connect through a proxy, but for some reason they are not installed, I tried to slip to a non-existing proxy, but there was no mistake. Or her and should not be, used proxies are simply ignored?
class SOCKS_POP3(poplib.POP3):
 def __init__(self, host, port=poplib.POP3_PORT,timeout=socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT,proxy_type = None, proxy = None): = host
 self.port = port
 self.sock = socksocket() 
 if proxy and proxy_type:
 proxy_ip,proxy_port = proxy.split(':')
 self.sock = socket.create_connection((host, port), timeout)
 self.file = self.sock.makefile('rb')
 self._debugging = 0
 self.welcome = self._getresp()
July 9th 19 at 10:53
1 answer
July 9th 19 at 10:55
1) proxy ПОП3 support?

2) not at all, because the principles of operation of sockets (socks proxy so-called) and the regular proxy is different (there Rau input, and there are packages), but I like XS that are mixed in your case
Supports socks4 and socks5 - tierra_Schill commented on July 9th 19 at 10:58

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