As for Tails all the installed software to start using Tor?

When you install third-party software whether the traffic to go via tor or something need to configure?
I need to configure the server via ssh and upload the files via filezilla or other FTP Manager, and also I need Skype, telegram, all this should work via tor
July 9th 19 at 10:56
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July 9th 19 at 10:58
All mounted on top of the software you have to configure it yourself to connect through a SOCKS5 Proxy provided by Tor ( While You do not, the software will not access the Internet.

configure the server via ssh

SSH by default will tarifitsiruetsya.

to upload files using filezilla

You can do this through Nautilus, he already knows how tripician and SFTP via "Connect to Server".

I need Skype

Most likely, nothing will come of it.
Skype blocks connections from Tor exit nod:
Besides, Skype itself, as a product, in terms of privacy safe: a) no one knows what he's doing (closed-source) and which collects fingerprints; b) Skype is cooperating with the NSA:


  • Telegram Desktop is able to connect through SOCKS5:
  • Telegram Web will work from the browser. Built-in Tails browser orificium default connection. However, it disables some scripts. You need to check whether the Telegram Web. Still, the browser in Tails does not store cook/storage, so every entry in the Telegram Web means a re-authorization via code.

Do be careful
Tails is not intended for use as a permanent OS on the disk. This distribution is optimized to overwrite all data about their presence after each session.

However, configuration (even your own) can save to the persistent volume.

All the set top will be installed with the packages in each run the Tails again, with every session. Storing configuration in the persistent volume will allow you to save the settings.
July 9th 19 at 11:00
TRU hatskery... don't read the docks and come to the toaster. There must be stupid all the software to configure on the proxy Thor's well, or to write your own network driver which is automatic all the traffic will be redirected through the proxy.

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