How to block a mirror of my website?

There's now a mirror of my site, all the content is there at the same time as on the original website, i.e., as if it is my site, just on a different domain. Did anti hotlink images on the mirror become unavailable. Also my site is https, so when you go to a mirror, there is displayed warning that the certificate is not valid and belongs to my website not working comments from VK, because they are tied to my domains, same thing with the recapcha. However, everything else is working and the mirror began to appear in the google search.
Tried to lock the mirror in ip .htaccess, but the ip to find it did not work, only the address, like this - https://xn--80sdfvcxfggsddfsfs.xn--pai/ (Address approximate, changed it specifically), the domain mirror .of the Russian Federation.
Tried to ping this address, I thought that I would see the original ip, but eventually got the ip of your site in the results.(Maybe this makes no sense, but I tried).

I have a VDS running ubuntu 15.04 and apache 2.4.
Thank you!
July 9th 19 at 10:57
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July 9th 19 at 10:59
for a start complain to search engines that the website was not granted.
Second,once pictures of the haul you have,then check the referrer and give out what you want the flesh to poop.
The hoster probably useless to complain.
If the scripts loaded,you can simply redirect to itself, giving the correct code

Without judgment you will not catch fish from the pond.
I kind of like poop. - Carli commented on July 9th 19 at 11:02
Yes, the scripts loaded, made redirect. Thank you! - juanita23 commented on July 9th 19 at 11:05
if you want you can give it,then you can even complain in Roskomnadzor : - mercedes commented on July 9th 19 at 11:08
: Please) - mercedes commented on July 9th 19 at 11:11
By the way, found another mirror, also in the domain .of the Russian Federation. A question: why is it necessary at all? Their domains do not have any connection with the theme of my site. - juanita23 commented on July 9th 19 at 11:14
Link anyway it will be on the server of the author. :( Posodyut. - Carli commented on July 9th 19 at 11:17
: you just need to know the measure)
: If there is not added immediately, or after a click, I don't know....Maybe someone does not live the ranking of Your website. - mercedes commented on July 9th 19 at 11:20
: See my answer, I think you missed the most important point the ip address. You just need to nastroitj nginx/apache to the correct domain to the left of the domains registered to the ip of default nothing is displayed. - Daphne_Roob commented on July 9th 19 at 11:23
July 9th 19 at 11:01
Seeing both domains is hard to say, but I have formed the following impression.
Once there was a website "website-clone.of the Russian Federation" with his content and was located on ip address, which you now have.
The site was abandoned, the connection site-a clone.RF -> ip left.
Perhaps it was done on purpose, I don't know.

If your site is dynamic, just make the check $_SERVER{'HTTP_HOST'} -
If your domain is not - give any error code at will.
Your website will not open on someone else's domain.

Or even easier - set up your apache/nginx or whatever you have to meet only the specified host, and not as now in the default section, that is, your website even offers to drive if its ip address.
Thanks for the reply! Check for $_SERVER{'HTTP_HOST'} I did all the mirrors now are on my website. About apache configuration, please can you expand on that(apache do not know)? As You wrote, the site is still open for IP, only it is redirect the domain. And so the question is still, how am I going to get rid of duplicates in search results of google? Began to look for how and where to file a complaint, but no where found the situation with the advent of "illegal mirror". How to implement technically the mirrors? I apologize for such a lamerskie questions. - Carli commented on July 9th 19 at 11:04
1) apache is to open the website, shall be prescribed by the Directive ServerName / ServerAlias - (but then you will not have to work svezhenanesenny redirection setting HTTP_HOST
2) duplicates - previously, you could specify the Directive in the Host robots.txt but now, when there is a redirect, I don't know... you can wait, you can try panel of the webmaster in search engine request such as "update document" or "document no longer exists." in any case, the duplicates will be lost when reindexing
3) most likely, these "mirrors" arose by chance, as I wrote above - once on your IP these sites now ip you have. view the registration date of other domains if they are older than your so is. technically do it if you can - buy a domain, buy/get for free dns servers for it, register in the dns server A record with someone else's IP. however, all this ONLY works if you are prescribed the correct ServerName in Apache, it gives the content on any domain, not just the specified - juanita23 commented on July 9th 19 at 11:07
Usually on the server when you configure apache, you specify the ServerName / ServerAlias and when you request the ip page opens Apache default or something like that. And other people's domains even if they are registered, your ip is shown this page.
On the other hand, if you ask for, then an attacker could put a caching proxy (based on nginx for example) that will request the pages from your site, cache them (to you it quickly not burned) and replace the page in your domain to your. - mercedes commented on July 9th 19 at 11:10
Thank you very much for the reply, Alex! - mercedes commented on July 9th 19 at 11:13
July 9th 19 at 11:03
Domain points to your server apparently make the test domain, and if it differs from yours do redirect virus.
July 9th 19 at 11:05
Write in Google, Yandex.
They showed who came first. They removed the mirror from the search.

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