How to upgrade Oracle APEX from a previous version to the new one?

Hello , dear developers.

I tried to delete the old Oracle APEX in order for him to update it. My version of Oracle express edition is XE11g. And I want to install Oracle APEX version 3.2.1. But such questions arose immediately:

1. Is it true that in interface Oracle APEX 3.2.1. already built Restful Data Services:

I mean those services RESTful services that can be used for creating links to Web References for web applications on Oracle and to create the Restful module(template handlers , the opportunity to see the result of an sql query , converted to one of the defined formats , of course on the user choice(JSON,CSV, XML, etc.) via a browser and/or even download the result of this query in a separate file) to simplify queries to the databases through HTTP/HTTPS request ?

2. What I have on my Oracle server sql to check and do to do to make sure that he is ready to upgrade apex to the latest version , then that was not any conflicts(most likely because of the remains of resources from older versions of apex) or bugs(especially critical) is not it ? I ask you , even beg to enumerate the list of actions in this case , what should I do.

Waiting for help.
With respect
July 9th 19 at 11:09

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