Where to start learning MySQL for a web project?

Have an idea for a web project, laid out homepage, layouts, and so on. Think more like a practice and language learning, but solves the problem quite common. But then came the question about how to implement the client-server part and write scripts that will work with the database and the visitor. The project evaluated as not complicated for simple words - you need to show, record, preserve and later show chosen by the client. The problem is that logically I understand how it works, but to write is not enough knowledge. Have a little experience in js, php, python without frameworks + html/css and actually for the project after a few days of reasoning chosen was Python (stylish, fashionable, youth). I would like to hear from people who know where you can derive from such knowledge, with examples, at the level of the cuisine. Thank you!
July 9th 19 at 13:03
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July 9th 19 at 13:05
I think you need to start reading/learning about a basic SQL language (the syntax of which is identical, probably 70% for all servers, relational databases)...
Install MySQL from the console and try to connect to it, create/delete tables, add/delete/update records... to create a query to fetch data and merge tables... etc., etc.
July 9th 19 at 13:07
on Stepic.org now there is a course on databases - examine him.
July 9th 19 at 13:09
It may be better to start learning some sort of ORM in conjunction with any frameworks?
Without basic knowledge of sql directly in ORM - probably not the best experience, because you need to know at least roughly how it works - Jessika.Kshlerin84 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:12
: First learned and used ORM, then, when I became interested and understood the ORM went to learn SQL. Alive, whole. - glennie_Mer commented on July 9th 19 at 13:15
July 9th 19 at 13:11
July 9th 19 at 13:13
I suggest to stay in php
The answer about anything!!! Do you understand the difference between PHP and MySQL??? - Jessika.Kshlerin84 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:16

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