Classification work?

If we accept as a fact that in most cases, shift work is only fiction, and only change a small part as it is possible to classify these areas.
as I see it

1. selling
the point is to sell anything to people
2. creative
the essence no matter what the field General, one may want to generate something new.
3. synthetic creative
the essence of application of knowledge for a pre-intended result(here automation\improvement of existing ones)
4. the implementation pattern\template work that unprofitable\it is unnecessary to automate
5 work or that is impossible or not yet automated
6. management
the essence is to ensure that the tools work correctly

not sure about the 6 points as it seems this is a cross between the second and third and multiplied by the "experience"

help complement\fix, I will be glad if you write "work" which are not subject to this classification

the essence of this classification: all must obey the simple rule,
if the person is developed in one of the categories the fracture itself can go to work at another job in the same category

spread all the cards on the table.

this idea appeared after

1.Requirements :"higher education"
no matter what direction what specialty need stupid paper printing
where no matter what year of graduation, no matter which school,
where is not important the freshness of the trainees knowledge, where no matter what level of knowledge you got out...
at work where it does not matter whether all tower or not.

2.Full-time training in sharaga on work related to 4-5 points = 3-4-5 years
correspondence (retraining "adults") to cover those working 2-10 weeks.

3.If Candidates Without a rig can also do the same work as the candidates with the rig
the HSE criterion if it is only as item 1.

4. If "van", the seller consultant, it is not necessary to go to law in order to cope well with the work of sekretutka
(operator PC\n plankton) that somewhere there is clearly hidden (deception)Bulova
If you were predivnom then the tour operator and then wanted to become a web programmer and you've got it made
even with the lack of HSE and experience in these areas... in these "works" must be the common denominator of which
allows without "papers\fractures\development of new qualities just stupid to gain knowledge under your region and twist it
giving results better than those who "Feng Shui"

5. If the Person who tarit Slippers and all to give to sell "ilitny products" then...
unhappy scream
(AGESI pissed AWAY 5 years learning, and this unwashed got snitched, status napolotano he is prodavt)
then... after spending a week or two, on the set of need for this sphere of knowledge, he will present tarit all ilitny products.

6. If a person "lives" a short-term perspective and assesses all\all\myself only in the future
he will always be "those who can(talented)" to earn more to live better\prettier\smarter.
but, in the long run, talent is nothing (a small bonus, nothing more)
and in the long term are subject to a number of simple rules (ass, wooden, wooden head, and 10K hours)
are forced to look at things differently.

as described in item 4, makes each but only to the extent of his confidence and arrogance.
because NO matter what may indeed be the REAL reason for the ban
but CONTRIVED\fake reasons.
we just all decided together that the change is a "complex" that the change can be only when
forced from desperation to change jobs\sphere\direction.
(what society needs reliable gear for maximum life.)

the mechanism is also not beneficial to such "oceniony" there were lots and lots of "universal"
because there is such a huge division into an infinite number of different works (extras)
but they all have common denominators, example of the "engineer" subclasses of mass, but the essence is.
simple and stupid example , repair (San\e\Kamen\builds\the wall\the painter) in General, all those involved in the repair
there ninada to study 5 years gaining fundamental\basic knowledge, where each direction is 1-2 weeks.
(don't deny there are many subtleties in each area\each case)
BUT you can learn everything, but you can not be able just come from the mound and immediately be accepted as "hard Junior"
not knowing anything but having developed the common denominator.
in mental work on the same principle, only the input threshold above\wider\longer.

keeping all this in mind funny classification emerges which can not pass for
8 points (MB later I will add the rest)

and looking at it all through the "long term"
has no desire to go to "work to work"
it is definitely not going to work "distribution"
no longer scare stories (sokratili)
is not scary (to chrysis)
is not scary (Nehoda to go)
is not scary (can't do anything except ***)

schema keys, opening dozens of doors in the hands, just need to carve them.
July 9th 19 at 13:16
6 answers
July 9th 19 at 13:18
In the furnace of your classification.

Those salespeople can be insanely creative, and absolutely dull and stereotyped working.
for me personally this classification, closes one of the "all" knowing and realizing it, no longer any desire to engage in Brownian motion and throw from side to side for the "crumbs." By separating these classes (in theory) can be reduced to an empty spent the time and consciously staying in one of the categories to grow professionally, gaining and developing basic in each of the categories skills. - nikita.Stracke commented on July 9th 19 at 13:21
: what crumbs? good salespeople are at times more vostrebovany and at times get more than the other. - Weston98 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:24
mean that if a person "knowingly" "intentionally" "system" "planning" goes into sales it will not change the CATEGORY to work , ie start from the fact that the person already knows what he wants and is not "Chehab to try" - nikita.Stracke commented on July 9th 19 at 13:27
here add more criteria
there is no work where the pay is a lot, there is a skill level for which the pay - nikita.Stracke commented on July 9th 19 at 13:30
everything is right about skills.
nevertheless, the fact remains.
those who can sell - a demand. - Weston98 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:33
July 9th 19 at 13:20
he had no fracture itself can go to work at another job in the same category

About this, need to be classified not on the areas, and deeper, mentality, mindset, or something.
To give an example, the same region is programming, many people think that any programmer is needed and requires only a "mathematical" (synthetic, "inventive") mind, but it is no longer entirely true, the programming operation is synthetic (development of algorithms, calculus), and is analytical (the study is ready, including reverse engineering), someone better have given one to someone else.
And sales, what is selling, where it is necessary to know psychology, because so, it is analytical (research) activities, as we do not create, and learn...
And so on for other items.
Category and area. About sales, the bottom line is to sell, and after that there is a different skill level ( versatile).
and what about the analytical activities.... - nikita.Stracke commented on July 9th 19 at 13:23
July 9th 19 at 13:22
Damn well at least some criticism let EPT.
July 9th 19 at 13:24
the essence of this classification: all must obey the simple rule,
if the person is developed in one of the categories the fracture itself can go to work at another job in the same category

Something I don't understand. Why classifying already classified?
Programming - here you have a whole industry, there is worker really a programmer, it is not difficult to learn something from scratch in this area. For example to go from Java to C++
July 9th 19 at 13:26
The fracture itself is not dependent on these categories, nor on the degree of development in them. The fracture itself occurs when a person begins to do what does not meet his aspirations and abilities (this is called a vocation). Most people break at school. Some Dolman parents, choosing a University and subject. Some of those who survived - finish some employers are hanging on them all the work that couldn't be done. We have millions working in the wrong business, bad making hate Mondays. But still there are those who are broke, felt "their". They have burning eyes and itching.
Sometimes "wakes up" "broken". And then, he can suck it in "which category he developed." It can start from scratch and develop even better.
July 9th 19 at 13:28
I do not understand what the fuss is about. The site has a lot of opportunities to work on their strength and you need level of payment, that there a lot of vacancies I am sure that it is not necessary to break themselves or something

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