Broken font CrossStith3?

Guys, help me out!
Work in the program Pattern Maker (graphic editor to design cross stitch), each used color in the scheme is denoted by a different symbol and this font is CrossStitch3 (most likely is the native font of the program). Yesterday everything worked fine, and today almost half of the characters from this font is gone, instead, they appear empty squares. Here the picture clearly shows that part of the palette characters is displayed, and on the other side of the squares instead of arrows, diamonds, etc. characters:

I tried deleting the program and fonts out of the Fonts folder. and then re-emerge them is not helping. Get checked out just in case antivirus, rebooted several times, still do not know!
Help, please, I need to modify the customer scheme!
What could cause this error and what can be done to fix it?!
July 9th 19 at 13:18

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