Anyone have experience in building repositories of documents?

Hi all.
There was a very interesting task of organizing a unified repository of documents (possibly not only of documents). This is not a document, it is a kind of DMS. It is planned to use for storing documents from document management, ERP, CRM (too many duplicate data as attachments). Perhaps in the future will be able to connect and other systems. To organize this on the basis of some kind of business systems does not want and is not right from the point of view of architecture.
Who can faced with similar, very preferably opensource, if you have interesting ideas how it can be organized on the basis of WSO2 products or maybe someone had an experience like that, kick in the right direction. Make a fuss of hand-rolled crutches is not very desirable. :)
It is desirable that all it was possible to link the web services, or screwed to the WSO2 ESB for further communication with business applications :)
July 9th 19 at 13:19
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July 9th 19 at 13:21
Good afternoon. This year put the last nail in the coffin of UCM and shield the garden from a hand-rolled crutches. SAP XI is also kind of like to bury going. The question of a new tyre like as acute in the current not the monetary times. Configuring ready-made products from renowned vendors to our requirements has led to crazy money, so I decided to costulate. Good hemorrhoids raped c access control. If you have a bunch of systems from different vendors, crutches to drive anyway. + we load it in the storage reaches a pair of Gigabit/sec. Growth in the month about terabytes. The coefficient optimization ~ 2.8 raises the question of the modification of the mail server that the attachments directly replace the links in the repository.
View boxes: Top 20 at some XS version.
The choice actually will depend not on the baseline, because the baseline requirements cover a lot of groceries. The nuances of all evil xD.
I apologize for the chaotic flow of thoughts, so it's best to get in touch in Skype. In General, write an article on the results of the study.

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