The secondary site using WordPress MultiSite, but with inheritance the elements of a basic website?

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There is a main site implemented with WordPress (layout) and there is an additional website (layout:), which is implemented using WordPress Multisite.

What you need:
At the secondary site will have its own administrator, who will add and change their information. Access to the main site, he should not have. And at the same time, the cap and the basement of the secondary site should be taken from the main site. And if you made any changes to the header or the basement of the main site (with your administrator password), the changes should be displayed on the secondary site.

Styling is the same for both sites, only the content is different.
All changes caps and basement on the main website are made through the framework smof
The conclusion from the admin:
global $data;
echo $data['option_name'];

For additional website tried to create a child theme and simply inherit the cap and the basement of the parent theme, but not otobrazhaetsya settings smof. Only binds the default value, and the changes are not displayed. Smof all variables declared globally for both topics.

I tried to create a separate topic and connect the cap and the basement of the link, but wordpress doesn't allow it.

Let me explain it by analogy:
Is there a site chief (Moscow office) with General information about the company.
Need a website additional office (Voronezh) that shows your contacts, news and events. But at the same time, the site of an additional office in the cap and the basement, will display information from the site's main office (telephone numbers, addresses and links to the main site).
The administrator of the site office should not have the opportunity to influence the site head office.

I would be glad if You can suggest some other solution.
I apologize for the confusion, wrote in one breath.
Thanks in advance!
July 9th 19 at 13:22
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July 9th 19 at 13:24
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