Please advice. PC ~ 35 thousand.

There Assembly:
1 Intel Core i5 6500 (fan can borate)
2 Also on the basis of Intel Core i5 6500
3 Intel Core i3 6100

What comp:
1 Web development (mostly backend)
1.1 PHP, Python, Databases, etc.
1.2 Photoshop, Inkscape, etc.
2 Virtualization:
1 2.1 the virtual machine to be able to lead a full web development
2.2 optional: to 3 virtual machines: one server, other hosts without high load
3 Connect 2 monitors
4 Less noise)))

Might have something to delete or change, or even have the sense to collect on AMD, e.g. AMD FX 8320 ? (Of course the stove is on, and think about extra cooling of the bridge, the cooler is more powerful, more nutrition, yet support DDR4, but it costs less))) )

Components better from the store above.
It is possible and from a different, but nearby the most noble price in it))).
The desire to buy and collect in one place.
It would be nice to invest up to 35 thousand.
BU I do not consider.

Thank you in advance all for the help!
July 9th 19 at 13:28

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