How to fix network connection Hyperboria?

Decided to install subject.
Did everything here for this user
Own after you run (./cjdroute < cjdroute.conf)
1463475375 DEBUG Pipe.c:253 Sending buffered message
1463475375 DEBUG UDPAddrIface.c:294 Bound to address []
1463475375 DEBUG AdminClient.c:333 Connecting to []
1463475375 INFO Configurator.c:135 Checking authorized password 0.
1463475375 INFO Configurator.c:159 Adding authorized password #[0] for user [default-login].
1463475375 INFO Configurator.c:374 Setting up all ETHInterfaces...
1463475375 INFO Configurator.c:390 Creating new ETHInterface [en0]
1463475380 CRITICAL Configurator.c:97 Failed to make function call [Timed out waiting for a response], error: [ETHInterface_new]
1463475380 CRITICAL Configurator.c:57 enable Log_LEVEL=KEYS to see message content.
1463475385 CRITICAL Configurator.c:69 Failed to stop the core.
1463475385 CRITICAL Configurator.c:71 Aborting.

What could be the problem?
July 9th 19 at 13:41

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