Why is Yandex a very long time to index new pages?

The site has a number of articles that generate very little traffic, these articles are added on a regular basis but the problem is that Yandex already enough long time (clearly longer than a week) does not index the new page. Articles are not plagiarized or dull reprint, the site is also quite good and on some queries (already) is in the top 3 of issue. About any seo over optimization is also not out of the question.

On the technical side and there are no problems, checked everything several times, closed from indexing only what really needs to be closed.

What could be the reason for such long indexing? I read that Yandex often comes to sites that add content with some regularity, the site may be too young to Yandex did such a conclusion? Website for about a month.

Also very strange that some pages still are in the index and well there feel.
July 9th 19 at 13:42
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July 9th 19 at 13:44
Unfortunately, working as a consultant on one of the FREE hosting sites such questions often arise in the workflow.

The frequency of errors appeared:
1) Incorrectly configured htaccess (blocked bots Yandex)
2) optimized website: uploading 100500 unnecessary files and vinaigrette in queries to MySQL.
3) If you are on free hosting or hosting with pre-emptive overload protection.
The third point I will discuss:
hosting limits the frequency of requests to the site, so when it comes to Yandex bot he can "blurt" extremely huge amount of queries (and often does).
Therefore, the server often does not respond, and your page is unavailable for download bot.
What is the solution?
Try to use the Directive in robots.txt Crawl-delay. Often after the application of this Directive, the sites are well indexed by Yandex.
For Crawl-delay thanks, didn't know. But the hosting I have is not free, optimized everything seems normal and with download speeds no problems. - lucio.Towne commented on July 9th 19 at 13:47
July 9th 19 at 13:46
Guys, why are you here suggest at all?))) Technical optimization is correct, but the speech in question on the other. It is written that the site for a month, and so the causes in the other.

Firstx, y of update Yandex SERPs occurs +- 1-2 times a week. Sign up to Yandex-Webmaster and get notifications about updates. Moreover, in the results pages get indexed by the robot TO predposlednii updates. I.e. the updates may 9, may 12 and may 17. So on may 17 in the index to get the pages that have been indexed by the robot UNTIL may 12. The next update will get the pages indexed TO may 17, etc. by the Way, the real date in the last month, Yandex surprising frequency of updates the last 2 months.

Secondly, young site are not yet known to Yandex and it only tries to "taste". When you understand that the site is alive and growing, he will visit the site regularly and the pages will appear in the index the same regularly.
I have a domain hanging empty for a long time and the bot in the first month after launch just to get used what the website came to life. So just consider these facts and don't wait for a new page in the index sooner than 1-2 weeks.

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