How to create triangle\rectangular grid of arbitrary 2D region?

Good afternoon.

Just say, I'm not an IT specialist, doing calculations, industrial structures and transportation facilities. Experience with VBA, Python. Write a program to calculate concrete elements strength taking into account material nonlinearities. You will need to break an arbitrary region (possibly with cavities) with the boundary described by the broken curve, and this must be done for a couple hundred sections.

Searched on this topic for a long time, read the articles. As a result of the free decisions found a couple of libraries for python (MeshPy and DistMesh), but this documentation that it is impossible to understand (beginner+documentation-empty,+there are almost no examples). Of the universally recognized tools found written in C program Triangle authored by Jonathan Supple. Its documentation is decent, the file types described and I think even write a script that would generate the source code and run the program, but here was born here I have a question?

Is it possible?( and how would I do this?) to write a macro that would consistently fed program, the meschers (working in Linux), using console files, wait till it will process the files (well, will it be that I just hung meschers, pushing new files or is it not?) and then would file further action (began to assume characteristics of sections)?

It may be better to sit down and try to write to the developers of the library to deal with it and try to solve it within Python?

There is a third option, maybe you can somehow install the C algorithm in the plug-in module in python (although this is science fiction, I think not master)?

Well, the fourth option is to write to your bike and try to implement Delaunay triangulation in python, but I think I also will not do.

Maybe someone has had the same problem as the automatic creation of meshes for FEM or something like that. If you have experience, could you share them?

Decided to use this thing!. Thank you again .
July 9th 19 at 13:47
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July 9th 19 at 13:49
for the phrase: "delaunay triangulation python" Google a bunch of stuff ...

pure Python
wrapper around qhull
one of the many very popular libraries for scientific computing - scipy
the wrapper above mentioned Triangle

and so on. really didn't like anything?
Thank you very much! Here's a wrap Triangle is very cool, it's right what you need. Packs I searched on PyPi . - Ryleigh.Williamson37 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:52
better Google. I advise still to pay attention to scipy. there is implemented a lot of different algorithms, it is likely that you will need not only triangulation. - elfrieda.Schuster4 commented on July 9th 19 at 13:55

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