Squid on a vps as a proxy: http requests are working, but https is not, how to fix?

VPS, Debian 8 x64. Installed squid:
apt-get install squid3
Have not changed anything except the config /etc/squid3/squid.conf I added two lines:
acl Driver86 src
http_access allow Driver86

where Driver86 - my nickname, my IP.
In the browser (Google chrome) pointed to proxy as
It seems to work, except for requests made to sites using https. The browser will stupored on "waiting to create a tunnel proxy". In the logs (/var/log/squid3/access.log) I see something like this:
60558 TCP_MISS/503 0 CONNECT ssl.gstatic.com:443 - HIER_NONE/- -

How to fix?
July 9th 19 at 13:53
1 answer
July 9th 19 at 13:55

443 - HIER_NONE/

check whether it works at all without an ACL

it is likely within the VPS - redirect or something

well, in General 3roxy for such yuzaetsya

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