Mikrotik: VPN to the object, does not handle forwarding on the PPTP interface, who is to blame?

In the presence of 750 Mikrotik. Is one tail in partially isolated LAN (, the second-in a network where available the ' net ( The task is to wrap the traffic in such a way that the local area was transparently available to all hosts in /24 server; the access in the opposite direction at the initiative of the clients of the remote network is not assumed.

Mikrotik eyes have not seen (here and so it was -- know, the shame), but the procedure in webfig was as follows:

0) PPP->Interface->Add->PPTP Client. Custom connect, running-all good.
1) Go to IP->Firewall->NAT, add masquerading in the amount of two pieces (Chain - srcnat, Src. address -- one, the second, Out interface for both our PPTP). Separate rules for masquerading between the subnet and and route -- also exist.
2) IP->Routes->Add, add the route with Dst. address of the target network (for example,, our PPTP as the gateway, and type in a Unicast

Traffic for any host in the remote still trying to go through the Internet, when you try to ping or do anything else. Given my wildest gaps in business network -- what did I miss? Logically, it should work.
July 9th 19 at 13:55

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